To Educate Is To Liberate

educating future generations of bioethicists.

Ancestral Voices Ring True Today

transforming how medicine is practiced.

Artistic Integrity, Ethical Humanity

we are the ethics we practice.

Radical Transformation Through Art

cultivating radical ethical practice.

Black Life Matters

to be truly human is to be fully ethical.


The Arts

Life’s most honest meanings are most visible through the arts. The arts provides a platform to convey the ethics of society that are relevant to our human existence. This section provides a format in which I can visually display my artwork on relevant subjects such as medicine, health care, education, and religion. 

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Education is key to success. But more importantly, it determines the daily decisions we make.   Education can also change how we think and perceive ourselves and others. In this section, you will be exposed to trans-formative ideas that can make education what it should be. 

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Bioethics is a fairly new discipline in medicine and health care, but it is practiced quite regularly, mostly without our awareness. We see bioethics manifest in decisions as to whether a relative should be sustained on life support, the determination of gender reconfiguration surgery, or unethical medical practices by health care providers.

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Ma Rainey Sings The Blues

This children's book depicts the musical story of Gertrude "Ma Rainey" Pridgett (1886-1939), one of the earliest African American blues singers and one of the first generation of blues singers to record in the 20th century. As illustrator and writer of this children's book,

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