Ethically Speaking
Health care injustices of race, class and gender inequality have plagued American medicine for centuries. Few African American bioethicists have critiqued these issues effectively through case study analysis of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study and other related studies.
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However, Obiora N. Anekwe confronts these ethical challenges upfront without hesitation. He discusses how unethical actions have negatively affected the medical treatment of the most vulnerable. Anekwe not only brings these issues to the forefront, but he also offers tangible solutions to our most pressing ethical challenges. In his most recent book, Ethically Speaking: Essays and Other Writings on Race, Class and Justice in Health Care and Medicine, Anekwe discusses race, class, gender, and other related issues from a multilayered and diverse perspective. He also confronts other relevant ethical issues that continue to plague the universal black race such as global colorism and skin bleaching.