Ma Rainey Sings The Blues

This children's book depicts the musical story of Gertrude "Ma Rainey" Pridgett (1886-1939), one of the earliest African American blues singers and one of the first generation of blues singers to record in the 20th century. As illustrator and writer of this children's book, Dr. Obiora N. Anekwe uses poetry and collage imagery to tell the fascinating life story of Ma Rainey. His book is appropriate for children ages 1-8, in addition to audiences who want to learn more about America's forgotten musical legends. This colorful body of work demonstrates how music can be used to heal a people from the oppression and struggles of the past and present.

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Narrative Visions of the Willowbrook State School

Narrative Visions of the Willowbrook State SchoolBioethics and special education have inextricably been connected to one another in the historical context and study of justice and universal civil rights in the American cultural landscape. These two areas have more in common than most people would have considered, symmetrically rooted in the egregious history affiliated with unethical and non-consensual human research experimentations conducted on children with intellectual disabilities. Historically, the Willowbrook State School (1947-1987), a state-supported institution for children with intellectual disabilities, once located in the Willowbrook neighborhood of Staten Island, New York, represents the best example of the intersection between bioethics and special education studies.

Narrative Visions of the Willowbrook State School serves as an opportunity for Dr. Obiora N. Anekwe to help the larger global community understand the impact of injustice and unethical human subject experimentation conducted on populations with special needs. Dr. Anekwe wrote his book in order to tell stories through art for countless children with special needs who were negatively affected by the former Willowbrook State School. His interpretative collages and vivid photographs attempt to begin repairing the wrongdoings and restore faith back to a medical community who desires to positively impact scientific discovery through humane and balanced research experimentation.

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The Adventures of Blind Tom

The Adventures of Blind TomThe Adventures of Blind Tom depicts the life story of Thomas “Blind Tom” Wiggins, an African American enslaved classical pianist, composer, and singer who performed to audiences around the world. As illustrator and writer of this children’s book, Dr. Obiora N. Anekwe uses poetry and collage imagery to tell the extraordinary life story of Blind Tom. His book is appropriate for children and parents affected by the challenges of autism and other audiences who want to learn more about America’s forgotten musical legends. This illustrative work also demonstrates how any child can overcome mental or physical challenges in order to become a successful and productive adult.

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Satisfaction Matters

A Comparative Study of African American Students in Education Programs within the Academy is my book based on my dissertation in higher education administration.

The book focuses on comparing the student satisfaction rate of African American students who attend predominantly white institutions and historically black colleges/universities. The research outcomes developed in this book are most helpful to higher education institutions that desire to increase and sustain the student retention and satisfaction rates of African American students who attend both types of schools.

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Ethically Speaking

Health care injustices of race, class and gender inequality have plagued American medicine for centuries. Few African American bioethicists have critiqued these issues effectively through case study analysis of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study and other related studies.

However, Obiora N. Anekwe confronts these ethical challenges upfront without hesitation. He discusses how unethical actions have negatively affected the medical treatment of the most vulnerable. Anekwe not only brings these issues to the forefront, but he also offers tangible solutions to our most pressing ethical challenges. In his most recent book, Ethically Speaking: Essays and Other Writings on Race, Class and Justice in Health Care and Medicine, Anekwe discusses race, class, gender, and other related issues from a multilayered and diverse perspective. He also confronts other relevant ethical issues that continue to plague the universal black race such as global colorism and skin bleaching.
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Chronicling the Tuskegee Syphilis Study

In 1972, the longest clinical trial in U.S. medical research history abruptly ended. Known to many as the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, this experiment has been studied by ethicists around the world.

It has presented challenges in how to conduct ethical research without harming human subjects. Chronicling the Tuskegee Syphilis Study is a book that provides essays, commentaries, academic writings, and other documented works in order to give multiple insights and solutions to resolving dilemmas related to unethical clinical trials such as Tuskegee. It gives a perspective of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study from the unique vantage point of two brothers born in the hospital where the experiments took place. Join us as we share the story of Tuskegee with you.

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Ancestral Voices Rising Up

Art is a storyteller of a people’s collective consciousness and memory. Throughout history, it has been used to document the tales of human existence.

In his book, Ancestral Voices Rising Up: A Collage Series on the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, Obiora N. Anekwe chronicles the American tragedy of an unethical human experiment conducted on African American men. He gives the viewer a perspective of this human atrocity through the voice of art. As such, his collages speak to the ancestors of our past and transform the blues of an everyday people into a hope for human renewal. Obiora vividly reminds us all that the story of Tuskegee is one of remembrance, healing, and reconciliation.

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